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Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre

Dr. Brendan Horan, B.Agr.Sc, DBS, PhD
Position Grassland Systems Research Officer  


Contact Details: Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre,
Teagasc, Moorepark, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland.
+ 353 (0)25 42222
Telephone: + 353 (0)25 42222
Research Interests: The continued development and refinement of resilient grass based farming systems which are technically and financially efficient, generate surplus cash, consistently achieve financial performance expectations and are simple to operate based on the production of milk from grazed grass.
Selected Publications:
  • McDonald, R., Macken-Walsh, A., Pierce, K. & Horan, B. 2014. Farmers in a deregulated dairy regime: Insights from Ireland’s NewEntrants Scheme. Land Use Policy 41: 21–30.
  • Heubsch, M., B Horan, P Blum, K.G. Richards, J. Grant and O. Fenton. 2013. Impact of agronomic practices of an intensive dairy farm on nitrogen concentrations in a karst aquifer in Ireland. Agric. Ecosystem Environ. 179:187-199.
  • D. Patton, L. Shalloo, K. M. Pierce and B. Horan. (2012) A biological and economic comparison of two pasture-based production systems on a wetland drumlin soil in the Northern Region of Ireland. Journal of Dairy Science 95: 484-495.
  • B. McCarthy, L. Delaby, K. M. Pierce, F. Journot and B. Horan (2011) Meta-analysis of the impact of stocking rate on the productivity of pasture-based milk production systems. Animal 5: 784-794.
  • Coleman, J., Berry, D.P., Pierce, K.M., Brennan, A. and Horan, B. (2010) Dry matter intake and feed efficiency profiles of 3 genotypes of Holstein-Friesian within pasture-based systems of milk production. Journal of Dairy Science 93:4318-4331 ISSN 0022-0302.
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Current Projects: Currently responsible for future farm systems research projects at Curtins farm, Moorepark and Ballyhaise Agricultural College, Co. Cavan. Ongoing studies are investigating the effects of stocking rate, animal genotype and herd calving date on the productivity, sustainability and financial efficiency of intensive grass-based farm systems.
Education: Executive MBA from University College Cork
Ph.D. in Animal Science. University College Dublin
Higher Diploma in Business Studies. Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
Bachelor of Agriculture Science, University College Dublin
Students: Emma-Louise Coffey