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Moorepark - Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre

Moorepark is one of the world's leading dairy research centres and specialises in pasture based systems of milk production.


Research at Moorepark endeavours to anticipate the production needs of a rapidly changing industry and develop sustainable systems of milk production that will advance the competitive edge of Irish dairy farmers on the global market.

Heavy Soils

Greenfield Dairy Programme


Pasture Profit Index


Moorepark'15 Open Day Proceedings [5.8MB]pdf


Research Updates
Heavy Soils 23 July 2015
Curtins 12th October 2015
(.pdf, 116kb)
Ballyhaise 27th October 2015
(.pdf, 418kb)
Clonakility 1st December 2015
(.pdf, 628kb)
Johnstown 1st February 2016
(.pdf, 147kb)

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Dairy Expansion Service

Milk Quality

Mastitis CostCheck Calculator

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